How to deal with a lupus comeback – An experiment

After being quiet for almost 2 years, my lupus friend has made a comeback.

I had my quarterly checkup last week and my urine protein creatinine ratio has increased beyond the normal range. For the past two weeks I have also been feeling mild joint pain at the fingers, wrist, abdomen, arms, neck, ankle and sole. Not all parts painful at the same time, but an indication of lupus activity. My immune system is starting to act up again!  Continue reading “How to deal with a lupus comeback – An experiment”

Why empathy is easy when you could afford to take a side

As I grow older, I realised that in many situations, things were never as clear cut as what they seem to be when I was younger. These situations were not like whether you should choose coffee over tea, where it was just a matter of preference. These situations involve great pain in either party, where the cause of the pain was due to expectations, not where moral or ethics were involved.  Continue reading “Why empathy is easy when you could afford to take a side”

Random questions that got me thinking..

So I have not been writing lately.

And when I was about to write a post, I saw this notification from Lupie momma , reminding me to take a look at her nomination of blogs that she thinks are Neat Blogs. (Why, thank you!) The real fun part was to answer some interesting questions that got me thinking. Continue reading “Random questions that got me thinking..”

Inspirational story: Lupus and dialysis did not beat Sheryn* down

Many people are grateful that they did not have to experience dialysis first hand.

However, for many chronic disease patients, the only options that they have is choosing between death or living their lives as normal as possible with a slight inconvenience, such as dialysis.

I was fortunate to be able to interview Sheryn (not her real name) about her inspirational journey with lupus and dialysis. Here’s how she was able to make it so far.  Continue reading “Inspirational story: Lupus and dialysis did not beat Sheryn* down”

Mr Children – Immerse in the melancholy

Recently I have been listening to this Japanese CD from the early 2000s:

2005 - 2010

I bought it from a used CD store when I was in Japan last year.

The song that made me notice Mr Children was Kurumi . Back then I was guessing that the song was written to someone called Kurumi, as this word is being mentioned several times during the song. In my early 20s I felt that it was cute that a couple of old guys decided that they wanted to resurrect their band and play again in the pursue of an old dream. In my late 20s when I watched the video again, it hit me like lightning bolt and I started to understand what the song was about.  Continue reading “Mr Children – Immerse in the melancholy”