Why empathy is easy when you could afford to take a side

As I grow older, I realised that in many situations, things were never as clear cut as what they seem to be when I was younger. These situations were not like whether you should choose coffee over tea, where it was just a matter of preference. These situations involve great pain in either party, where the cause of the pain was due to expectations, not where moral or ethics were involved.  Continue reading “Why empathy is easy when you could afford to take a side”

Random questions that got me thinking..

So I have not been writing lately.

And when I was about to write a post, I saw this notification from Lupie momma , reminding me to take a look at her nomination of blogs that she thinks are Neat Blogs. (Why, thank you!) The real fun part was to answer some interesting questions that got me thinking. Continue reading “Random questions that got me thinking..”

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