Days in Europe (Pt 1)

Solo tripping in Germany and England with my nagging inconvenience.

Despite experiencing pain every day, I still managed to make the most out of the hours when I am less in pain, and I never regretted proceeding with the trip.

I spent one week in Germany, and another one in England.

I would say that I was an extreme optimist and hopeless romantic. Continue reading “Days in Europe (Pt 1)”

The nagging inconvenience

How it all started.

29 November 2015, 5.30am.

It was a Sunday, and I was looking forward to a short hike with fellow hikers in Bukit Saga. The alarm went off at 5am, and like any usual days, I stretched my hand to reach out to my mobile phone on the table ahead of my bed. However, today something did not feel the same.

I had problems lifting my hand.  Continue reading “The nagging inconvenience”